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Hi I'm Daniel, a 37 year old developer and technical lead at @telemetrydeck ! I enjoy long walks along the , I work in and is super important to me! (Which is why I make an analytics service that provably won't collect personal ). I also love developing in for and and I tolerate :D~

In my free time I enjoy talking and learning about and as well as and

TIL of the fact that Greece and Türkiye help each other after earthquakes no matter the state of their relations at the time:

[Tom Scott voice]
I am at the place where SSL is added and removed.

What a lovely shade of orange

wouldn't it be funny if-.. no, it couldn't be

but maybe, let's have a peek...


is uranium glazed???
That must be tens of kg of uranium!

Hot damn I almost didn't want to leave

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Another old render, and one of the most complex models I have ever built, with every nut, bolt and strut I could see done in geometry.
I must have taken the best part of a thousand reference photos to build this, plus I was given some very helpful dimensions by the staff, to get the scale right.

This looks like a very interesting solution for Github Actions self-hosted runners by #TradeRepublic.

👀 Might be interesting if you want to set up ephemeral (short-lived) self-hosted with GHA.

milchreiß mit pommes im speckmantel

nom nom

(Sorry about all the GitHub CI posts, but I’ve fixed a bug in the TD API, and would like to deploy it to prod, and somehow the runners are misbehaving today, so I have to try SOOO often 😤)

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It's in beta now, but I did very much click that "request access" button

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@daniel maybe they have a complete redundant independent system for each gender, and a third would mean copypaste of their whole IT again?

@daniel probably the field is a Boolean in their system… “istHerr”

Now they need to make it an enum and rename it *everywhere* 🙄

Deutsche Bahn has lost a court case, and now they have to update their booking systems to add a third option title that is neither „Mr“ nor „Mrs.“ Fair enough but why do they even have to ask a gender or title for a rail ticket anyway? TelemetryDeck just doesn’t take a gander at your gender, because we’re good for all genders.

Re: Your Privacy 

We care about your privacy.

Your privacy is delicious to us.

Your privacy is juicy-sweet and crunchy and wine-dark red and breathes a rich, savage musk-like scent, heavy on iron and with notes of truffle and mushroom and old, buried bones in the forest floor.

Your privacy dribbles gently down our lips as we chew, and after long, fragrant, eternities, swallow. Gulping, wolfing it down.

We would do ANYTHING to keep you handing us your precious, precious privacy.

Please click.

I love a lot about Swift Vapor, but the compile times from scratch are not among them. I wish I could just bundle up the SwiftNIO dependency as a compiled binary instead of waiting 10 minutes while one of GitHub's tiny build servers builds it for the umpteenth time.

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