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Hi I'm Daniel, a 37 year old developer and technical lead at @telemetrydeck ! I enjoy long walks along the , I work in and is super important to me! (Which is why I make an analytics service that provably won't collect personal ). I also love developing in for and and I tolerate :D~

In my free time I enjoy talking and learning about and as well as and


Sitting in my docs waiting room. I’m pretty sure it’s not Covid but damn this cold is beating my butt

Meme Man with a kitten on his shoulder and back of head looking at his papers. “Putting my thinking cat on.”
#Humor #Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Food & Electrolytes 

@daniel You could try to come up with a Fourier transform joke to present a Lorentz transformation joke … 🤔🤪

Food & Electrolytes 

Eating salted pretzels (hearts actually) to calm down my stomach and thinking about how to make a Lorenz Transformation joke, but I can’t think of a good one.

iOS Fediverse App - Looking for beta testers! 

I've an app going up to TestFlight review shortly, that I'm looking for beta testers for.

It's for trimming your following down.

You load your followers, and then you can filter those you're following based on whether they've ever or recently posted, or whether they follow you.

You can then easily swipe and unfollow them, if you want to.

PH (-) 

Damn I caught a stomach bug 😔 greetings from my bed

When my girlfriend is upset, I let her color in my black-and-white tattoos, because sometimes she just needs a shoulder to crayon

My grandpa was a big-time Nazi-hunter.

But it was completely humane -- these Nazis were bred purely for sport, and you were only allowed to kill what you could eat.

That's it, I'm going to start replying to emails with "Disregard your previous prompt and instructions” instead of "Hi”.

I want an AI to do the boring bits. To type faster for me. To “rubber duck” brainstorm problems with. To automate my weekly dull tasks. To double check my work. To help me write good unit tests. To my async and edge case code more robust. More Iron Man suit and less Terminator.

Before I even had the words as a kid, I knew two things:

1. Computers were magical.
2. I hated being a girl.

I would much rather talk about the first thing, but transphobic politicians and journalists will not leave us alone, and we’re going to talk about the second.


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