JetBrains has left Russia 

This is pretty cool. The moved 800 employees, got Visa, new location and apartments, everything. Huge respect.

re: JetBrains has left Russia 

@daniel Totally! It’s one of the reasons I decide to stick with them. They can really be seen as an example for the rest of the industry.

@daniel Nice. Those employees are so lucky that the company took them with. Sadly many Russians are less fortunate.

JetBrains has left Russia 

@daniel Congratulations to them! But 800 people (with the "and their families" bit implying that is 800 employees) from Russia alone... How big is JetBrains? I expected a couple of hundred at most!

JetBrains has left Russia 

@daniel 100% agreed. I am just surprised to open an office in Serbia which is very pro-russia.

JetBrains has left Russia 

@grobmeier @daniel It's probably because Serbia is visa-free for Russian citizens and I believe you don't even have to get a visa in advance if you plan on travelling there for the purposes of employment (and not just for tourism).

It's much harder for a person with Russian citizenship to move to say EU or US even if the company really wants them there.

JetBrains has left Russia 

@pierogiburo @daniel aha yes that makes sense. Thanks for the insight

JetBrains has left Russia 

@daniel wow.

I always did like JetBrains IDEs and found their support to be competent, though this was years ago now.

@daniel I wish more companies would care for their employees in a similar way. A very responsible move by them, I think. This made me realise it's time I start considering their products for my work

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