This week is the last time you'll be able to get a TelemetryDeck subscription for 9EUR/month – next week the lowers price will be 19. Now is your chance 😎

@daniel Btw: Your Stripe setup doesn't allow adding a VATID -- I recently stumbled upon a checkout box powered by Stripe (90% certain of that) that had a VAT ID field to the right.

Maybe that's a configuration option you could enable?

@ctietze thanks! I’ll see if that’s possible (we use stripe tax so it should just all magically work but … yeah)

@ctietze So Stripe needs a API parameter that we cant send right now (for boring technical reasons) to enable this globally, but we can add your VAT ID after the fact. Gonna make the API change at some point, but until then you can write to with your Organization name and your VAT ID and @lisa will add it to your Stripe Account :)

@daniel Signed up, thanks for the heads up! The release that adds TelemetryDeck is now Waiting for Review. Took one day to do a basic implementation. (I followed the suggestion in the docs and sent a Settings signal. Just creating a dashboard for them now...)

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