The *majority* of iOS devices are now running iOS 17! This happened way faster than last year 🤯

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I finally pulled the trigger on a new feature I've been considering for a while now: TelemetryDeck's tables just got a lot smarter. They can now display larger numbers, or a proportial bar chart, depending on context.

(see image descriptions for howtos)


I just made a very reasonable tandoori chicken with tomato relish 😋

What do we think of this representation? Only works for TopN Queries with a single aggregation of course, so it's a bit unhelpful, but for these kinds of charts it might be cool

I was gonna record a podcast with @dave but we have mic troubles. Alas, back to Gran Turismo 😂

I don't have time to make a new graphic 🤯 we're growing faster and faster

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