Are there any known tips for making xcframeworks smaller in size?

With #visionOS, a package with all the platforms (including dSYMs) is about 64MB when zipped. It’s not a lot but also not something everyone should have to just re-download all the time.

#Swift #iOSDev #Xcode #XcodeBuild

@sky @bookstardust soweit ich weiß ist der xbox Controller von Microsoft mit PCs kompatibel und generell einer der richtig guten Controller überhaupt. Kostet 50€

Alternativ der Logitech F310 für um die 30€ Euro

Gute Erklärung für das Brautkleid iPhone Foto das seit ein paar Tagen rumgeht. Es war nicht die böse AI sondern ein Mensch der die Kamera falsch bedient hat.

@aaron_pearce @telemetrydeck I think so, you’d just have keep track of the instances themselves and call their respective send() methods. Also maybe double check that queueing works

@subraumpixel haha ich hab das früher immer wieder mal in den westlichen Wäldern gemacht. Zwei Kilometer und ich bin Platt, aber es ist geil

@grayface_ghost I really don’t know. I feel like risk is lower for many people than it was two years ago. But at the same time it’s winter and there are people with bad immune systems so if you’d ever wear a mask, now’s the time

After all this drama around getting the #37c3 tickets, boom, the final round hasn't sold out. Now is your chance.

Dear Germans:

Colds and flu do not come from getting cold.

They come from viruses. VIRUSES.

Like, you know, that one that's STILL floating around and destroying people.

That scarf around your neck will keep you warm, but it's not going to do shit for your cold. And it definitely won't ward off fucking COVID.



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