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That "smart lighting" from Philips is about to spy on you in new ways you can't control -- naturally the company is claiming it's to protect you. This is Trump-level lying.

For the new Pixel Pals iOS 17 update, I built a fully interactive mechanical keyboard widget and recorded a bunch of different key click sounds from my own keyboard to use with it, itโ€™s a really fun fidget toy on your home screen ๐Ÿ˜š

Diff colors and sizes too

Version 09.22 of 2023 apparently introduced a graphics bug. Heavy banding in shadows, will try a restart.

Iโ€™ve been playing more Mass Effect 1 yesterday. The story definitely picks up and is gripping now. The environments are very repetitive and samey, which makes it hard to not get lost sometimes. And I no longer want to romance everyone because one of the romanceable characters is obviously racist towards the aliens and .. ick! Still a bummer you can only romance the hetero combinations.

I know people love to hate the genie effect in macOS, but I could do this all day long honestly

I think people are struggling with the idea that the app window itself can be transparent, when arbitrary content in it has a glass background of its own. Volumetric apps too are really just (UIKit) window scenes like any other, except they have a static scale, default to offering more z space, and have window controls that show from any side

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โญ๏ธ I've seen quite a bit of confusion over how Apple's visionOS apps structure non-window-based UI, where it's really not that complicated at all.

This is a trivial example that illustrates how you might create UI that looks like itโ€™s not part of a window โ€” floating, animating, and transforming in 3D โ€” and what that means for windows, views and ornaments. TL;DR don't overthink it!


Made a joke Photoshop image on Twitter showing an Intel sticker inside an iPhone 15 Pro.

A bunch of "investor" and business accounts picked it up and thought it was real.

Now they claim they are reporting me to the SEC for โ€œmanipualiting securities."

Passkeys are the first shot weโ€™ve realistically had as an industry at replacing passwords as the default credential on the web and in apps.

I am *ecstatic* about the momentum that they have.

1.,, and shipped support for signing in with passkeys
2. And Nintendo!
3. iOS 17 shipped first-class support for third-party passkey managers plugging their data into all flows

And in November, maybe, Firefox support? Including iCloud Keychain?! This is happening!

Apple has very quietly added another layer of privacy for Safari in iOS 17 that basically lets you avoid using Google when you are in private browsing. #apple #ios17 #safari #google #private

I have a cadence sensor on my bike and it didnโ€™t โ€œjust workโ€ with watchOS 10/ios 17, do I have to do anything?

One day Iโ€™ll write a book โ€žhow to build scalable system for the 95%โ€œ.

Youโ€™ll be able to summarize it with

- pick any mainstream language
- deploy on one server
- deploy Postgres on another server
- double the number of server for redundancy

So many systems Iโ€™ve seen lately could run off in memory SQLite and a replication to a CSV file.
Yet thereโ€™s a relational database, a document database, a key value store and four services deployed on k8s for all 100MB data and 2000 customers.

Infosec friends are unanimous: if you're using Chrome, you want to visit chrome://settings/adPrivacy and turn off Ad Topics, Site-Suggested Ads, and Ad Measurement.

IMPORTANT: you must do this for each of your Chrome profiles, since it's not a global setting.

#chrome #privacy #enshittification

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