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I asked ChatGPT for slogan ideas to put on a TelemetryDeck shirt and it's stuck on the idea of DATA VAMPIRES stealing your data. 🧛

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If only there was a way to systematically work against a resurgence in fascism. A sort of anti-fascism if you will

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Hi I'm Daniel, a 37 year old developer and technical lead at @telemetrydeck ! I enjoy long walks along the , I work in and is super important to me! (Which is why I make an analytics service that provably won't collect personal ). I also love developing in for and and I tolerate :D~

In my free time I enjoy talking and learning about and as well as and

I kinda love that I can put web apps into my dock on #macOS #Sonoma. The last two icons are @telemetrydeck and @feedbackbulb, from my friends @daniel and @konstantin, respectively 🙌

Paku 5 is out on macOS! This update has all the great changes that came out last week on iOS, and of course, awesome new Desktop widgets! Keeping an eye on real-time air quality or temperature has never been easier.

no one tells you about the hidden dark side to creative web. it's not all glamour and Awwwards — it's countless nights of ceaseless `lerp`ing and `clamp`'s radians to degrees back to radians’s blacking out and coming to having opened 900 tabs about `ffmpeg` commands. chase not these waterfalls,

A protostar embedded in a protoplanetary disk embedded in the dark molecular cloud LDN1527. You’re seeing an infant (100,000 years old) solar system about 447 light years away. The star itself is hidden from view by the edge-on protoplanetary disk occupying the ‘neck’ of the hourglass shaped nebula. This is processed from image data taken by JWST in September 2022.

NASA/ESA/CSA/Pontoppidan, Klaus M. (PI)/Kevin M. Gill

#JWST #space #science

@daniel Incredibly, 71% of Sequel users are on iOS 17! I think my users must be the early-adopters type 😅

Good morning! Let's start the week with something fun: this week only, you'll get huge referral bonuses on TelemetryDeck when someone uses your referral code. Here’s how it works:

I've run out of @telemetrydeck signals (good problem to have, it's because I gained new users!), so if you're interested in privacy-first analytics for your apps, here's my referral code for us to both get 200k free signals:

It's a genuinely useful and well-made tool, plus it's open source. Here's a screenshot of a dashboard I built to see how people are using @personalbest's image sharing feature

iOS 17 adoption has now stabilized at 31% over the entire @telemetrydeck data set, which is really nothing to sneeze at.

The people who glue themselves to streets or choose other peaceful forms of protest to remind us to act now against the catastrophe that is climate change are in the right. That’s what makes some of you so angry at them. You have a bad conscience.

A junior iOS developer from Ukraine is looking for a job or internship in the Frankfurt/Main area (or, anywhere in Germany). If you have any leads, please send them my way!


there is a special place in heaven for people who publish documentation good enough that it can actually be used to solve problems.

The Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute has a pretty fun way of categorizing design trends. Never heard about most of them, but they are quite recognizable.

Zum Fensterfreitag das Treppenhaus eines Umspannwerkes in Frankfurt. Erbaut wurde es vor fast 100 Jahren. Architekt war Max Ludwig Cetto, der später als Begründer des Modernen Bauens in Mexiko bekannt wurde. Vor 8 Jahren wurde das Gebäude im Stile Mondrians illuminiert; seit der Energiekrise ist die Illumination ausgeschaltet.

Hashtags: #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #Frankfurt #Architektur #architecture #Architekturfotografie #photography #Fotografie #ArchitecturePhotography #Mexiko #Mondrian

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