Is it ok to be annoyed when you have a WFH day and have only one single external call for which you put on makeup and get changed and then the person doesn't show?

When you start a company and do PR work, it is very important to have a husband on hand to photograph you in the best light.

I may not look particularly kind in the picture, but at least it comes across well that I've made myself comfortable. 😅

No matter how much I discuss our business with my cofounder @breakthesystem, I always learn something new about the dev side of TelemetryDeck on the podcast he does with @davidgarywood. This time it's about Lego Apps:

I bought burgers, pretzels and ice cream today in three different stores from people who served me and my family super friendly and patiently on the holiday in over 30 degrees. My utmost respect goes to these people!

It was fun to talk about my career stages at my old university.

Amazing how a family vacation is relaxing and exhausting at the same time. But today we came back and are finally on our own wifi again. It turns out that we are now among the bourgeoise who clear out all bags immediately 😱

I'm looking for pictures of developers on Unsplash, and apparently they all work in the dark....

I just recorded an interview for a podcast, and I'm struck again by how hard it is to explain our product to non-experts: Why do you need analytics, why is it important that the software is lightweight, and why should you not spy on your users?

So EU Commissioner Ylva Johansson posts pictures with self-proclaimed child protector Aaron Kutcher. He may be famous and have a charming smile. But that does not mean he is in the right. Kutcher's idea of child protection is really surveillance. Down with !
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We just reached a milestone: 100 people upvoted @telemetrydeck
on . We are so grateful for the support!

I found the photo I took the day my husband and I moved our workplaces from the office to our apartment, three years ago. The situation was surreal because the kids were having a blast with the swivel chairs while we parents were so worried at the same time. But it's only now in retrospect that I understand how small they were back then. My goodness, Covid has been with them for half their lives now. The effort it takes, to keep them safe, is unbearable.

I thank Past Lisa for going to the bathroom before leaving. Otherwise, I would not have survived the two-hour track closure in a train with a defective toilet well.

I always forget that for networking events, I have to plan for extra energy the next day to post and like the selfies that prove to the LinkedIn world that everyone who attended is really really very very important.

Can we talk more about how ultra annoying outfit planning is? I love being in the public eye as a founder and using my reach to fight for more privacy, but what the heck do I wear to a book party?

“Daten Business” seems like an appropriate name for a where people talk about how they got into the data industry and speak about their current jobs. In the latest edition, I talk about my career in and and tell you about @telemetrydeck. Note: German-language.

We went to a glamorous event last night with business representatives from our region. I struggled all evening to simultaneously hold my wine glass and a clutch that I completely forgot to eat a few canapés. Luckily, I have a business partner who will take me out for kebabs at midnight! 🤩 @daniel

Oh Wow! Ich habe ein Fan-Paket gewonnen! Das Beste ist das Autogramm von Ulrich Kelber! 😍 @ulrichkelber @bfdi

I love how we can bring our personalities to our company. And my wonderful co-founder @daniel is not only a very experienced app developer, has a fantastic sense of humor, and is the best pizza maker I know. Of course, he explains our software using a custom written pizza app.

Das Zeitalter des Überwachungskapitalismus: Kann mir jemand das Buch von Shoshana Zuboff gebraucht verkaufen? Ich möchte es gerne auf Papier und auf Deutsch lesen. Boost wäre toll.

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