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Hi! I‘m Marina, and I write and articles for @telemetrydeck!
I have a background, mostly in & .

I turned to because I love to help and educate people, and I‘m also sick of non existing documentations.
I work with TelemetryDeck to make friendly a thing 😎

Outside from work, I‘m a small , I like , and watching and in general.

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The new #M2 #Macs really shine with their performance boost!
But M1 Macs are not to be underestimated. Coming from Intel-based Macs the first generation of #AppleSilicon can still improve your experience tremendously.

M1 or M2 in the cloud? Either way, we got you covered:

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RT @TvanHelsdingen
It’s that time of year again to remind all of you to cancel your adobe subscription, tick the “too expensive” box and get a 50% discount for the entire year. Been doing this every year for a long time and works every time.

ChatGPT doesn’t work without JS

tested for you 😭

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TelemetryDeck is now live on ProductHunt! It would be the absolute world to me and it would help tremendously if you went there and left a comment and an honest vote! This is really good for getting the word out, and the more people vote and comment, the more people will see us!

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Apple's new App Store pricing structure lets you set prices for individual countries or regions now, so I can be a nice $4.99 in the US but also €4.99 in Europe — something I've always wanted more control over. You might also have a sale in specific countries, or perhaps provide a lower (or free) price to people in e.g. Ukraine, Turkey, or somewhere you think your app might make a difference without affecting your primary market

so proud of @lisa & @daniel 🫶 you peeps rock 🧡

I‘m so thankful to be working with you on TelemetryDeck!

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@telemetrydeck I just played a bit with this and it's amazing folks!
Really well done and super thankful for it! ☺️

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Getting a few tiny bug reports from our awesome users. If you see something that's not right? -->

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Next TelemetryDeck update will include TikTok style animated charts. You swipe up to see the next one, never knowing what you’ll get. The algorithm knows best.

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Writing the Documentation for our new funnel feature was so fun! 🥳

Learn here how to use funnels:

and also read @daniel‘s latest blog post about it:

:sondrine: 🧡

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What are the best text prediction models that run on iOS?

Please boost for reach. 🙏

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I'm looking for learning resources to help my tired, fogged-up brain to get to grips with basic concepts around internet pipes & the general sysadmin concepts that sysadmins all seem to know.

I don't even know what terms to search for! Something to do with learning Linux well enough to install & run a server connected to the internet, I guess??

All suggestions welcome. Assume I'm a basic bitch who doesn't know what TCP/IP is. (I don't know what TCP/IP is. Do I need to?)

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Verkaufen, Podcast, Mikrofon 

meine Mikrofon Sammlung wird leider etwas groß. Schweren Herzens würde ich mich deshalb von meinem RØDE Procaster trennen. Tolles Mikrofon im schönen Zustand. 150 euro (Neupreis 250euro) für alles.

Procaster, PSM1 (Shockmount) und WS2 (Windscreen)

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Hey chooms,

it's Bandcamp Friday again!

With the coupon code "bandcampfriday" you can save 20% on everything in my Bandcamp Shop - even on MiniDiscs!

The coupon will work from today until Sunday! ;)

Have a great weekend!


P.S.: Soon there will be new music again!

#Bandcamp #BandcampFriday #Music

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Which versions are currently installed on users' devices? We have—as every first of the month—the answer:
📱 iOS 16: 87.7%
📱 iOS 15: 11.8%
📱 iOS 14: 0.2%
📱 Other: 0.3%

Find the charts with the time course, the first numbers on , and some background information on the bug fix release iOS 16.3.1 in our blog.

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