Calling it now: the Apple headset is either not coming this WWDC or it is not running iOS apps. Because we have nothing in our dataset. 😤

@telemetrydeck Could they make these apps appear as if they're running on an iOS device to avoid being spotted by analytics tools?

@rlfb they could but they never did that with other version identifiers

@telemetrydeck Super secret device might justify unprecedented measures! One can hope =)

@telemetrydeck I don’t think it will run any existing 3rd party iOS apps. Wouldn’t be a good UX.

But I believe the introduction & push on #SwiftUI was to make iOS apps easier to port to the AR platform.

Or they could be blocking any non-Apple servers on test devices to keep it secret. 😄

@telemetrydeck or it’s currently posing as some existing device?

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