We're celebrating our 3rd birthday today! 🥳
➡️ In 2020, @daniel started working on TelemetryDeck.
➡️ In 2021, @lisa decided to join the team and the company was registered.
➡️ In 2022, we raised our first round of funding.
Thank you, for being part of our journey 🧡

The was our biggest shoutout so far, and we put a lot of work in it. Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their experience with !
The biggest thanks go to my husband, who took the kids to the museum, so I could post in peace. ❤️

Sonoma here we come! You can now use the TelemetryDeck Dashboard as a Web Application in macOS Sonoma and Web App Compatible browsers. That means you can have the application in the dock and in its own window, instead of in the browser. 🚀

Super proud and happy to announce that we're sponsoring Hacking With Swift by @twostraws this week 🤩

We are pleased to welcome a very special customer of TelemetryDeck: Stadtwerke Augsburg. The public sector company supplies our hometown with gas, electricity, water, and public transport. We start with their swa Mobil app (iOS).

TQL Queries now link to the docs and the example section. Also, we now have an example section 😎

🌷 In our spring update, we talk about how we are doing, which projects and challenges are currently underway, and why TelemetryDeck's pricing model is being restructured. Read the full blog post: telemetrydeck.com/blog/spring-

🎙 Ensuring user and preventing the collection of personal data is our mission at TelemetryDeck. @daniel talks about it in great detail in his podcast interview with
William Cheshier. Listen to the episode here: talkinsolutions.podbean.com/e/

The new Filter Editor is now online! Check it out when editing your insights.

Digital consultant Sam advises his clients on which analytics solution to include in their apps, among other things. Although he often points out the disadvantages of Firebase, many want to stick with the old familiar. So he has to deal with the complex challenges of oversized software. For his own app, he used TelemetryDeck and is happy. In our case study, he tells us how the data helps him to use the resources of his developers more efficiently: telemetrydeck.com/casestudies/

ONE BILLION SIGNALS since we started TelemetryDeck! This is so incredibly cool! Thank you so so much everyone who trusted us, who recommended us, and who is improving their apps with privacy-first analytics 🥳🎉🎈🪩 On to the next billion!


We're preparing our Black Friday promotion right now – it's an important sales date for us – but we have no clue how to respectfully spread that kind of info in the Fediverse!

So here's a first trial: we're going to CW this post and just drop some promo codes. Go to dashboard.telemetrydeck.com/re and register with one of these codes:

- BLCKFRDY - 30% off for up to 12 months
- BLCKFRDYYEAR - a whopping 44% off if you buy a yearly plan

How did we do? Feel free to boost and comment :sondrine:

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